We pay homage to the following RAN & WRAN
Communicators who have
"Crossed the Bar"



Pat Ryan (Nee Gilbert)

Margaret Kenny (nee Lumsdon) ex WRAN

Arty Wyatt (ex LtCdr)

Ronald Arthur Robinson R50191 (ex CY)

John "Dinny" Reeves R35430 (ex CRS)

Robert "Fatman" Bell R50258

Gary McCabe R51103 (ex LRO)

Richard 'Harry' Kime OAM LCDR

Terrance 'Frog'  Helion (ex ROS) 13/2/21

Trevor Mander (ex LRO) January

Graham Ogg (ex TO)


Michael 'Barnsey' Barnes R59985

Doug Brown OAM (ex WOSY)

Neil 'Lofty' Husk R94657 (ex PORS)

John Lloyd 'Dinny' Reeves R35430 (ex CPORS)

Frederik John Harper R54251 (ex RO)

Robert Ernest Scales R35692 (ex L/sig)

Maurie Schoer R49757 (ex WORS)

Capt. Doyne Hunt RAN GLEX C Rtd

Robert Rowan Drury S9246 (ex V/S)

Brian 'Slim' Harley R58321 (ex PORS)S))

Colin Harold Dicker R59872 (ex LRO)

Jack William Shave R93124 (ex ABRO)

Donald Ray ' Titch" Parsons R59929 (ex CPORSSM)

 Eric John Buist R96132 (ex ROS) 10/04/20

Roger Andrew Garrett R50822 (ex Tel) 9/04/2020

Desmond Edward McKee R93067 (ex WORS) 03/04/2020

Jacqueline Bernice (Bernie) Pead nee Hegarty (ex Tel) 30/03/2020

 Nathaniel “Jack” Dempsey R50200 (ex LRO) 25/03/2020

 John Alfred 'Pincher' Martyn R39481 (ex LRO) 16/02/20

Frederick Maxell 'Lofty' Burgin R49954 (ex CY/Const) 18.02.2020

Marianne Eynon 13/02/2020


Robert John France R65114 (ex RO) 19/11/19

Edward 'Ted' Bastow R39176 (ex-Tel) 2/10/19

Gary Francis Mettam R64949 (ex CPORSS)7/8/19

Gregory Eric Gene Rouse R58342 (ex-LRO) 13/6/19

Peter James Baggott R49927 (ex LRO) 7/6/19

Lance Frederick 'Suds' Sutherland R55145 (ex TO)
John Charles McNally R50265 (ex LRO
Ronald Terence  Gannon R93406 (ex CPORSSM)
Donald Robert Muller R94077 (ex POSY)

They have no grave but the cruel sea.
No flowers lay at their head.
A rusting hulk is their tombstone.
Avast on the ocean bed.

They shall  grow not old
as we who are left grow old.
Age shall not weary them
nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun
and in the morning,
we will  remember them.


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